EMDR is an approach to therapy that helps people process and heal from troublesome issues or traumatic experiences. EMDR asserts that the human brain has the capacity to resolve emotional disturbance in a manner similar to what occurs spontaneously during rapid eye movement (dreaming) sleep.

With successful EMDR treatment, people still recall troublesome events but they no longer upset, disturb or negatively influence their current lives. EMDR has been endorsed by The American Psychiatric Association and Department of Defense/Department of Veterans Affairs. Find more information on EMDR.

What to expect from our practitioners:

Authenticity.  Our therapists understand the power of the interventions they teach to their clients because they use them in their own lives. We encourage authenticity as a means to build trust, and as essential to the growth and development of the whole.

Clinical Expertise. Our therapists have been formally trained from leading academic institutions, and continue to seek post-graduate training from leaders in the field.

Connection.  We are all interconnected.  Our choices affect ourselves, others, and the world.