About Us

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MBHA Staff PicWhat to expect from our providers:

Authenticity.  Our therapists understand the power of the interventions they teach to their clients because they use them in their own lives. We encourage authenticity as a means to build trust, and as essential to the growth and development of the whole.

Clinical Expertise. Our therapists have been formally trained from leading academic institutions, and continue to seek post-graduate training from leaders in the field.

Connection.  We are all interconnected.  Our choices affect ourselves, others, and the world.



What to expect in your treatment:

Natural treatment.  We all possess inherent abilities to heal.  Your treatment will assist you in identifying your own unique resources and clarify choices that promote healing and change.

Changed perception.  Our participants are in search of new ways to experience the world. We are attuned to and care about your perception, needs, and expectations.

Collaboration.  It is our belief that therapy is a collaborative process. With this in mind, we discover how stress manifests in your life and where you are ready to make change. Together, we identify and implement the necessary changes that are needed to live well.