Open HandsLetting go is a lifetime practice but often feels very cerebral. “Easier said than done,” we might say. So if you’re practicing an attitude of release, here are a few things to support your practice.

  1. Focus on your exhale. Notice what it feels like to release the breath. Take your time exhaling, putting a brief pause at the bottom of the breath. Notice the space you have to begin to take in the next inhale.

  2. Practice the mantra: This no longer serves me.

  3. Use your hands. When sitting in meditation or prayer, or even just to begin a meeting or other daily activity, pause and uncurl your fingers from your fists. Take a moment to let your body come into a pose of non-grasping so that you can receive.

  4. Sit with it. Perhaps the best way to let go is to sit with the feelings you have around what you need to release.

  5. Write yourself a permission note. It’s okay to make a decision and release yourself of guilt and shame.