In Praise of Public Health

by Holly Schweitzer Dunn, LISW

As Landon and I walked early this morning the garbage collectors were already out and a police car drove by a few streets down.  I had a wave of gratitude wash over me.  How fortunate we are to live in a place where we don’t even think about these things under typical circumstances.  We know and trust  our neighborhoods will be patrolled, our garbage will be picked up, our pets won’t have rabies, our schools will be healthy places to send our children, our restaurants will be clean, our water safe to drink.  Our public servants do their jobs every day, rain or shine, behind the scenes so that we can live with little need to worry.  My mom, a life-long public servant, summed it up in a conversation we had years ago:  “Public health is working best when people don’t even notice it.”  Thank you to all who selflessly serve our communities.  In times like these it is necessary to come together with gratitude for everyone out there putting their safety on the line for the greater good.  Let’s all support them- not make it more difficult- by following their recommendations.  They are the experts.  

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