There’s a saying in the recovery community: What we cannot do alone, we CAN do together. In nearly all recovery models, there is a strong emphasis on connection to others as a support. Our Long Term Intern, Louis Vermillion says, “The first word of the 12 steps in any recovery program is WE…it is said that the disease of addiction is always whispering in the our ear, and accountability with others in recovery helps quiet that whisper.”
Isolation can be the enemy of recovery and in this tumultuous time, it’s important that those who need support can find it. Locally there are some online options. Focus is doing live Facebook check-ins daily at noon, while other recovery meetings are meeting thru Zoom. Hancock Helps offers a support link and information about local meetings while other online meetings can be found at and Additional information including recorded speakers, books and general information can be found at
For those not yet integrated into a recovery community, or finding themselves in an unknown place, ADAMSHS offers a variety of starting points to begin the path of healing.