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“Marie Kondo” your behaviors, not just your closet

If you caught the Netflix miniseries Tidying Up, you’ve watched the ways in which she’s instructed families to sift through their belongings and release them back to the world when they no longer “spark joy.” In our office, we’ve discussed Marie’s wisdom and what it...

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The 5 Senses Check-in: Spring addition

Make note of the color that is quickly changing across the landscape - greener grass, bright crocuses, and longer hours of daylight.Sniff out the earth’s work - even the smell of mud and earth carry with it a promise of something new.Listen for new hope - baby birds...

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Spring Cleaning for your Mental Health

 Once the seasons shift to allow the windows to open, we start to shed our inclinations to burrow much like a bear coming out from hibernation. As we stretch our legs into the springtime, take a moment to notice the natural energies that arise. Perhaps you recognize...

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Finding Purpose in the Slowness of Winter

Once the days begin to shorten and darkness pervades our evenings and mornings, it’s common to hear people express their desire to stay home more often. Absence of natural sunlight, combined with the lowered energy that accompanies our lack of drive to be out and...

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July 2018 Newsletter

The Mind-Body Connection: Explained EMDR, or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, is a form of mental health treatment that has primarily been used to address the effects of trauma.  At Mind Body Health Associates, all of our clinicians are trained in EMDR...

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May 2018 Newsletter

The Pace of Life Everyone is busy. No one has time. This seems to be the norm, but this does not make it healthy. This month, we focus on the pace of life and how to take your foot off the accelerator. Keeping Pace with Dis-Ease Culture is moving at 90 MPH, flying...

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