Preparing to Go Fallow

If you sense a desire to amplify the experience of coziness that goes with a good winter’s hibernation, but – like most of us – have been socially trained to be constantly productive, you might endure some challenges as you attempt to downshift. Perhaps family or work schedules prohibit you from truly relaxing in the evening in the timeframe you desire. Or once you’ve arrived at home, the mental hurdle of the to-do list keeps you moving. As a collective group, here are some of the things our staff practice to help us enjoy the benefits of a sleepy winter’s night:

  • Make a cup of tea to take in the sensory experience of shifting gears
  • Change your clothes, Mr. Roger’s style – a house sweater or comfy slippers will help attach hibernation focus. 
  • Start a fire in the fireplace to keep you close and prevent you from running one more errand
  • Cover up with a heavy scarf or weighted blanket, which makes it harder to get up and move around

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